Sunday, May 20, 2007



• adjective (smugger, smuggest) irritatingly pleased with oneself; self-satisfied.

I know Tweety Bird is a male - but this reminds me of a friend of mine when I saw her Sunday afternoon. She was being very smug about her Saturday night, and then changed her 'toon' to " what me I did not do anything?" "why what did you hear?"

This was a guy friend Sunday morning. He declined to tell me what he was smug about - but he definitely could not stop smiling.

I am happy that my friends all had good Saturday nights. I am not jealous and I am not comparing my Saturday night to theirs: as mine only included a craw fish boil and an engagement party filled with smug couples. I think I was the only single attendee - but at least I made the effort to go.

Back to my smug friends. The definition includes "self Satisfaction" (nothing wrong with self satisfaction) but it also implies that one feels like they are better, smarter or more fortunate than the person who they are acting smug around; which is not a very 'friend-like' approach not to mention irritating...

I think that someone Bragging is less insulting than a person acting smug.


• verb (bragged, bragging) say something boastfully.


Woozie said...

What's even worse is smug people bragging. Did you see the South Park episode "Smug Alert"?

Raspootin said...

smug alert? I shall search endlessly for it.

Have you watched the family man on sundays? fox network? as much as i like south park - this has an edge - off to watch it now!

bwcubed said...

If I read between the line, it appears that female friend is being smug after getting laid by male friend. Well I hate to break her the bad news, but it does not take much skill to get a ride on the baloney pony. If that is what she thinks is a big accomplishment, well there is not much you can do.

the rube said...

i'd pay a dollar to shoot that lousy canary.

i've been rooting for sylvester and the coyote for years.

wishin said...

well you should have come to my party. no one was being all *smug*, just drunk.

Raspootin said...

i'd pay a dollar to shoot my lousy friend - :)

yes I should have come to your party oh well.

Woozie said...

Watch out for the giant chicken. He strikes when you least expect it.

Raspootin said...

cluck cluck


is cluck what a chicken does ???