Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Off the Iraq Hook...

"I know Prince Harry will be extremely disappointed and his soldiers will miss his presence in Iraq.

"I've asked his commanding officer to develop his future career but I won't speculate on that.

"One of the contributing factors to my decision has been the knowledge and discussion of the Prince's deployments in the media."

Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt

I don't think they ever planned to send Harry to Iraq, but needed to pretend to do so to keep the "Stiff British upper lip" image in tact.

The media is a very believable and convenient excuse to keep the "spare" safe.


the rube said...

they must be saving harry for the invasion of iran. it's gonna take every prince they can get their hands on to neutralize the good mr ahmadinejad.

Woozie said...

The one thing Persians hate more than British Royalty is SPARTAAAAAANS!

And South Park.

Raspootin said...

Harry the sacrificial lamb for the new prime minister!

South Park Rocks.