Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Naughty kathy or photoshop?

I am aghast :( seriously this was a photo put on the site of:


I am thinking Ms. Blanco should be fairly happy with the shot, even if there was a certain amount of well let's be honest: cut her head off and paste it on someone else? "Someone else" does not look like a model; but looks better than she does: clothed? Wrong of me: I do not know what she looks like sans clothing so maybe it is her?

ALL IN ALL I don’t think she looks half bad for 60ish in the picture,

The real thought is about the ethics of doing something like that. I coin the phrase recently introduced to me: Ethics are not on a sliding scale. Ethics are not on a sliding scale, but one wonders if there WAS such a thing as NO sliding scale, what Kathleen Blanco did to have this posted all over the internet and in a publication sitting in the doctor’s office (where I picked it up after an 80+ lady left it with a smirk and giggle)

Lasissez les beaux temps rouleax en La Nouvelle Orleans.

Ms. Blanco is not running for re- election, but maybe Hugh Hefner will want a spread?


the rube said...

that would hurt, the good ms blanco must have a high threshold of pain.

i wonder who put on the cream for the month long healing process?

Woozie said...

AND her tits are not that nice.