Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Praise the Lord?

The “moral majority” has never even entered my mind as something less than intelligent with ignorant and intolerant thrown in as “I” words.

My morals are good and Mr. Falwell has always acted as the insult to my intelligence there in for decades.

I can not say I am sorry he is dead, as dead is a place that he focused his ministry with God and the after life on. If you therein believe – he is in a much better place.

Where my problem lays is with the continuance of his legacy and his lack of separation with Church and State. Mr. Falwell felt that making God part of his legacy with regard to lobby efforts on behalf of what he believed from the Bible was correct.

I have every assurance after listening to The Rush Limbaugh show today that anything I say as a negative is something pre- mediated and therefore disowned and discounted by the Right Winged Christians who held Falwell as a hero.

I do not want this man to die as a martyr. He is, was and always will be a narrow minded right winged religious zealot.

I am very sad that according to the “fill in host” on Rush Limbaugh today that as a liberal my comments are so very predicable; meaning, that is what ”we” as left liberals will all say, my thoughts/comments on Reverend Falwell's death are not relevant.

I beg to differ on the presumption that I do not think anyone has the right to tell me how to think or what my moral standard is simply because it is not bible driven. Nor should a minister have enough power with my congress and senate to force my children to pray in school. Religion should not be a mandatory thing, it should be a matter of faith and if a child wants to pray out loud or in silence – that is a choice not something that should be mandated by a “god fearing” school system.

It is a shame that Rush and his staff pander the right with not feeling guilt about making money off the left. Let’s face it – Rush’s show would suck if we all agreed. The people who think he is divine as those who thought Falwell was divine – are crazed.

What makes the person is the diversity and opposition therein and that drives the money born from the flesh or wool of sheep.

Baa Baa Baa..


the rube said...

i'm guessing the limbaugh show had a call screener and the whole thing played out as scripted.

as for the snuffed rev, i only wish he had suffered more. a quick death was too good for that prick.

Raspootin said...

I don't know why I listen to the limbaugh show - morbid curiousity I guess.