Saturday, November 25, 2006

Discrimination Exists

I was having a conversation with a male friend who refused to believe that women are discriminated against in the work place. He proceeded to tell me that men’s brains work differently than women’s brains therefore no doubt why men made more than women in the same job was not a matter of discrimination but because men simply out performed women in certain jobs; therefore earning more.

I can not think of any career where a man on the basis of Brain power outsmarts a woman. If both candidates are equally educated and equally motivated there is no difference in performance. The difference lies in the old boy network that purposely excludes women from their network.

If anything women have to work harder than men to achieve the same success. I spent 13 years attempting to break through the preverbal glass ceiling in large corporations. I spent 13 years listing to sports analogies that were meant to isolate and confuse me in business meetings. I spent 13 years knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I was being paid less than my male counterparts. I spent 13 years in corporate America hell concluding that even a law was not going to change the system, because men did not want the system changed.



No doubt my friend will say that the statistics on the site are bias. All I can say is: my friend I have lived through the reality of discrimination and it does exist even if you choose to believe differently.

I now work as an independent financial (CPA) advisor and am very happy that I am now calling the shots – nothing like being the Coach and owning the team…


Anonymous said...

I am a woman and I agree. Women do not make as much money as men, even doing the same job. That's just the way it is. I know this for a fact. Your friend maybe has not had too much experience in this area, I would guess. Maybe if men who have dauthers would think about this problem, they could help make a difference. Some feminists might argue with me and say women can make the difference. Maybe they're right. Remember that it wasn't too long ago when women didn't even have the right to vote.....

Raspootin said...

You are so correct! We focus on so many race issues that we forget that women only were legally allowed the vote less than 90 years ago. 86 years ago to be precise.

You look at a lot of race related issues and people say, well why have black have people not gotten further with the NAACP? And de- segregation.

I am saying who has a rats ass chance of getting anywhere with white men in charge.

Kønig Hasemörder said...

I don't believe that race exists, yet I do believe racism exists. Think about it... I'm certain that sexism has existed in the past and is alive in the more ignorant but in general I think our society is about to extinguish it for good. As far as the variation in wages, I find it hard to believe that any employer has a pay chart for women and men. If an employer was proven to discriminate on sex, skin color, religion, height, etc. I would have a serious problem with it unless the traits were relative to the job. Certainly one would appear to be discriminatory in hiring basket ball players with height but lets not lose sight of reality, height is a benefit in performance. I've heard that tall business people make more money than short. That sounds discriminatory at first but perhaps taller people just become naturally more aggressive growing up and carry that into their work life. That's why I think your statistics don't really tell the whole story. Especially when I read shit like this.

"Thus, secretaries are routinely paid less than truck drivers even if both jobs are of equal importance to a company."

First, truck driving and secretary work are of equal importance but not of value and there are, of course, male secretaries and female truck drivers. It doesn't give me much confidence in the N.O.W. Secondly, after a very shallow research dive, I found that there is indeed a huge difference in male and female brains. Like I presumed, males are naturally better at space and math and females are naturally better at language and emotion. Many of the differences are accentuated because young boys tend to fly around the house while girls tend to chat. As the sexes practice the things they have a natural aptitude in, they get stronger at those things. Of course there are many cases where cross over of the sexes occur. Take me for instance. I am highly emotional and have been accused several times of being a homosexual even though I have never had an inkling of attraction to the same sex. As a child I was pretty much instantly able to ride a bike. I spent much more time with my mother, who is an emotional guru, and I learned a stronger emotional intelligence then most boys. Luckily, I did spend the later part of my adolescence around my dad, who encouraged me to shoot skeet and play chess, very spatial and mathematical activities which stretched my logic circuits. Do not miss understand me! I am not saying that girls aren't good at chess and boy are cold hearted mutes, I'm just being real.

Reference. here and here

Raspootin said...

You are laughable in belief as all you want to do is compare brain capacity. Who gives a crap about that?

We are judging how women are treated in the work place. I am not asking for any ERA admendent, I do not need affirmative action to “help” me.

I need equal minded bosses that recognize benefit to their company based on my merit, intelligence and prowness.

I gurarntee that this does not happen for promotion as much as the loud mouth ass male or the woman who is willing to put out to go forth. Most people are not promoted based on merit as much as their ability to effectively ass kiss. Sad for men and women who actually want to achieve more than what is expected from their gender or race.

Sexism exits in the work place. Manly jobs are rewarded with more money than womanly jobs as typically the manly jobs are those that generate revenue. Let me tell you; as a CPA I do not generate revenue nor do I get my “hands dirty or my body sweaty” but I sure as hell make these companies run well and save money. What I do is equally important as the sales team and I can assure you I am not even remotely compensated as well given that I am simply a “needed evil “.

Kønig Hasemörder said...

All you want to do is compare brain capacity.

I need equal minded bosses.

Raspootin said...

You need to get a clue, sad and true,

See how emancipated? I even rhymed.

So what is your point?

König Hasemörder

I did not seem to “hear "it from your repetition of my statement.

Kønig Hasemörder said...

There is no such thing as equal minded. I was just trying to be funny. I knew what you meant was that you need bosses that are not discriminators. I agree. We need a world of people that are not discriminators.

Raspootin said...

I am not a "back slider" as certain commenting people like to think. So I had to stick to my guns on this one, but thank you for commenting and then being more discriminate within your comment :)

Woozie said...
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Anonymous said...
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bwcubed said...

yipes, i feel like i should lock my door and load my gun.

Raspootin said...

Luckily I have always had my own office :)