Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I have no idea what brought this post to mind...

I am looking for a thread; Murphy’s Law and Law of Averages.

A couple of years ago my brother in law committed Suicide on August 31st, my ex husbands birthday. As my husband was out of town I took care of the litany of paperwork that comes with an untimely death. The whole thing was quite an ordeal as the hospital was hand pumping his heart even though he was brain dead. All of his family was in California so my Father in Law told me to make the call. I said to stop pumping and let him go. John’s (my brother in law) girl friend Amelia was at the hospital and accused me of murdering John for making the call.

I flew out to California to see my in- laws and my husband who still there. I had never met his family before, but they seemed really nice even though they were going through this horrible death situation. I flew out Friday September 7, 2001 and was due back in New Orleans Tuesday September 11. The evening of September 9, 2001 I got this overwhelming feeling that I had to leave on the 10th. When I told my husband’s family that I was moving up my reservations I think that they just assumed that I did not like them. All I can say is that I am glad I was not stuck somewhere between San Diego and New Orleans the morning of 9-11-01

When my husband returned to New Orleans his brother’s girlfriend Amelia decided that she needed to start calling him 24/7. Some sort of issue about needing to “comfort” him and herself because they were going through the same “thing”. Hmmm yes well calling led to going to drinks which led to going to dinner which led to the ultimate form of “comfort”. I think that I was fully aware of what was going on, but was so tired of living a lie with a controlling bastard that I let the affair go. If he was out with her he at least was not in my house driving me slowly insane.

On January 2 of 2002 I slipped off the attic stairs at my gallery and did a compound fracture to my ankle. I was in the hospital for 4 days and underwent 2 surgeries. I remember before the first operation the doctor saying “where’s your husband- this is a serious operation and you need a family member here.” I was too embarrassed to call my family because I did not want to admit that my husband was such an ass hole. I checked my self out of the hospital on the 4th day, but they would not release me unless I had someone pick me up and stay with me in my house. The cast came up over my knee and it was on my right leg which made driving difficult. I told my husband that he better come and get me or I was going to tell his parents who are very devout Christians what he was up to. He came and picked me up. Dropped me off at the front door of the house and promptly left.

Looking back at the situation it was probably a “blessing in disguise” that I broke my ankle because it prohibited me from being able to get in my truck and make a Public Scene in front of my husband and Amelia who were now living together. It also kept me away from having to hear all the gossip and unsolicited comments from friends and acquaintances.

The day after I got my cast off of my leg I was soundly asleep when my phone kept ringing and ringing. I finally picked up the phone and as it was 3am I thought – shit someone better be dead or my gallery better have been burglarized – something important better have happened. Be afraid of what you wish for. The Fire Chief in the other end of the phone said you better get over here now; your gallery is on fire.

The fire was a 6 alarm affair and destroyed 90% of my artists work. My husband’s computer business was in the same building – and was also completely destroyed.

I had very good insurance and after 7 months of negotiations was able to settle a claim and pay the artists. The claim also allowed me in part to pay off my bank note.

I think this came to mind as I attending a company Thanksgiving Lunch this afternoon. I am the CPA for the company and my EX is their IT person. He brought along his 26 year old new wife. It was all a bit awkward, but personally I am really happy that we are not married anymore and feel bad for his new wife. All of my co- workers were really concerned about how I felt about the new wife’s presence. I found this concern to be rather annoying, though well placed.

My thought is anything that can go wrong will, but everything evens out in the end and there in lays the thread.


In These Flames said...

That was a really good read until the last line and then you lost me.

Raspootin said...

I was trying to compare everything going wrong in a relatively short time (Murphy’s Law)
to the fact that eventually everything works out (evens out) which is the law of nature.

I think the comparison might have been a bit obscure- thanks for reading the post; it was a little more personal than I am used to :)

Kønig Hasemörder said...

Dear lord, I read the last line first and had no interest in reading the other part until just now. Although I knew most of it, what an afful experience. I can't believe you even talk to the IT man.

Anonymous said...

I don't know aboput Murphy's law or laws of Nature - just know you ex-huband is a total ass-shit and unfortunately you stepped in deep. Your co-workers sound nice though.

Raspootin said...

Yeah I guess I am still tracking his poop through the house.

I will effective immediately clean all of my shoes.

Thanks anonymous, you must be a woman and one who "gets it"

I wish I could have made a better analogy, but at least I have people who understand what I was saying.

Anonymous said...

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wishin said...

Well I'm glad to see that I'm annoying you :) What a bastard! Then again he is male and we know that they don't always use the best judgment when doing things. Don't let him get the best of you, you are a GREAT person! I could say some really mean things but I think karma will come back to haunt me since I deal w/ an ex also. It's not my ex but still I'm sure karma will bite me on the butt so I'll just be nice.

Raspootin said...

I have learned that not forgiving and not forgetting are perfectly acceptable as long as you approach the person with good karma :)

bwcubed said...

i think Murphy is God's little brother and he has a warped sense of humor. God pretty much lete him do what he want's unitll it starts to really get out of hand and then he will put an end to it. I do beleive you reap what you sow,and your co-workes must be really great!!

Raspootin said...

I have wonderful, caring co-workers.

I think that you might have been the only one to get my gist as you have your own little Murphy's Law rolling :)