Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Ten Commandments

After reading another Blog it occurred to me that I really did not know what the 10 Commandments were.

I always thought that I was following the precepts, but after reading them it gave me a cause to pause and reflect.


I am not saying that I believe in other Gods, but the fact that I definitely believe there is only one God, Like Allah and God are one in the same probably means that I am breaking this commandment.


Ok – I have a bunch of what I would call talisman that sit on my computer. I do not pray to them but, well I like to attribute good things happening to their presence in the gallery. I have a feeling that this might fall under the category of No Idols, so I am probably screwing up on this one too.


I definitely am not very good with this one. A friend of mine is reading books on a radio station for the blind. When I read that “God Damn” was right up there with “Fuck” for a FCC "no no" I was shocked. In fact I remember saying God Damn is bad? God Damn!!


I do not go to church and I work at the gallery doing things for Accounting Clients on Sunday.


Well now that I am older this is easier to do, but my parents are just people. I do not believe that everything they think, say or do is good. In fact, there were many years I thought that they were pretty ignorant and religiously tried to do every thing the opposite of what they wanted.


I would not have a problem killing someone who was trying to kill me or someone I cared about. I might feel bad about it, but would definitely feel justified.

In fact I just executed 3 big stingy type of bugs that dived bombed my desk. I did not feel remotely bad about this. Stingy types of bugs along with mice and rats need to stay outside and not invade my domain or death is their punishment.


I have never committed adultery –so I am good on this one!


Does this apply to people’s lighters, pens and pencils? Does this apply to using the copier at work when I know they are charged 1cent for black and white and 8 cents for color copies? Does this apply to the Apples on my neighbor’s tree? How about finding $100 on the ground in a bar under the video poker machine and not reporting it to the bartender? The Bartender would probably just pocket it anyway…


When I was living with someone and I could not find where I put something I admit accusing them of moving it. In fact, If there is an inequity in my office at work I will accuse someone of moving my shit. Typically I will find that I was the one who put “it” whatever “it” might be in the wrong place. I rarely admit that it was me that erred.


I really wish I had a Mercedes like my neighbors. In fact I wish I had my neighbor’s house. I can not have conversations with people about how much money they make because I then covet their bank account.

In Conclusion other than the Adultery thing I am a complete moral failure according to the Old Testament of the Bible.

How do you stack up?

The picture is of my gallery talisman: A Nicorette race car, an angel stone, a mean nun who spits fire out of her mouth when you wind her up, a jewel, a turtle and yes a bottle of levy breach water from Katrina. I do not think this is odd at all :)


Kønig Hasemörder said...

your going to hell, i'll see ya there.

The Reverend Jon Boles said...

If the Christians are right, I'm screwed. I'm just behind the fella that took a shot at the Pope.

Woozie said...

I am a complete moral failure according to the Old Testament of the Bible.


Anonymous said...

Commandments of the Old Testament were intended to keep the Jews on a safe and healthy path. They had to follow many more rules in addition to the big ten, and I bet that was hard. They did have some sort of atonement, different than Catholics going to confession, but about the same deal. Where am I going with this? Darn, I forgot now!