Friday, November 03, 2006

Reading Kerry's mind?

Did John Kerry make a Freudian slip? Or did he truly mean that all people who do not apply themselves in school are” losers” who will end up in the military.

My personal thought is that he said something even more damning than the thought that “dumb people join the military.” We all know that dumb people do not populate the military; in fact some of the best and brightest who do not have the means to further their education join the military.

Yes I voted for Kerry over Bush, but that was my choice for “the lesser of 2 evils.”

For those of you who know me and think that my “take” on Kerry’s remark has any party affiliation. It does not.

Look at the remark:

"(In his remarks, Kerry told a group of California students that individuals who don't study hard and do their homework would likely "get stuck in Iraq." He says he meant to say "get US stuck in Iraq" _ a botched joke intended to criticize President Bush, not troops.)"

Kerry is clearly lying to cover a bigger issue that no one wants to think about; and certainly not before an election. He was not insulting Bush, he should have gotten that out of his system in 2004. He was not trying to insult troops.

I really think that Senator Kerry was saying that if you do not stay in school, watch out, you will be drafted.

I understand that “no one” has mentioned the draft, but if you are not stuck with your head under a blanket, please explain where all of our troops are going to come from to maintain not only Iraq – there is Afghanistan, North Korea and even more to the point Iran. How is the US Government going to maintain its “war on terror” without soldiers?

The Bush administration has pulled thousands of reservists into active military. The reservists knew that this was a by product of their agreement with the US Government for funding of college educations.

I am certain that these people serve the Country well. However, you are now seeing reservists that were formally bankers, accountants, and policemen: any profession that you can name not called to duty once, but countless times with their tours in Iraq extended 2-3 years with no notice or care for their personal lives from the White House.

So back to Kerry and his supposed apology; yes what he said was crass. It did sound demeaning to our troops, but the message was not for our troops nor for Bush as that was not who he was addressing.

He was addressing college students. College Students who if they do not do well and do not stay in school will be the primary candidates for a draft process, I think he was giving them a timely warning.

I do think less of Kerry for not having the gumption to clarify his remark. Perhaps I am giving him too much credit and perhaps he was simply being elitist. I however, am buying into the Freudian slip that equates to: stay in college or you could get stuck in Iraq: drafted.

Please think about who you vote for very carefully on November 7, 2006. The writing is on the wall.

“Unless the next draft is different from those in the past, no one will be drafted to be in the Navy, Marines, Air Force or National Guard. Those more glamorous branches will have their populations increased by "volunteers" who don't want to be drafted into the Army. It is the Army that requires the most in numbers. And it is the Army that has experience training ordinary, reluctant young men to be soldiers. "Deborah White,


wishin said...

I do not like Kerry. I have never liked Kerry. I now think much less of him. I think his comment (joke) was rude and careless whether it was a slip of the tongue or not. Someone in his position should not make remarks or try to make a joke about war or military. This county needs to stand united. I have strong views of the military being brought up by a retired Marine. I don’t necessarily agree w/ war or drafting but I fully support the troops and decisions made. The people who joined are fully aware that they might be drafted or called back to duty. This is not a surprise to them. They signed up for this. This does not make them any dumber or less desirable as a person in society. This to me is an act of courage. Maybe there are branches of military that are less desirable but they are still serving our county and deserve to hear positive comments from us. Who are we to judge when they are the ones putting their lives on hold to protect our freedom? If people are so concerned then help them. Support them. Send donations, start a fund, be a supporter of a military family. Stop complaining about what the government is not doing and start doing it yourself. Show by example. Every little effort does not go to waste. I will think carefully about whom I will vote for next but it will be someone who supports the forces and does not make careless jokes or comments.

Raspootin said...

I hope that you understand that I am not saying I thought what Kerry said was appropriate.

I think in the context of what he was saying and who he was saying it to that he was trying to cover up a reference to the draft.

Of course, he could also just be an elitist ass.

Woozie said...

I get to choose between being an American citizen or a Jamaican citizen at 18.

I ain't gettin drafted no way, no how.

Raspootin said...

I hear you!

busy day at the tome...

Woozie said...

Tis the night before Saturday and all through The Tome, not a creature is stirring, not even in Rome.

Okay, well Lord Omar and I are stirring but we don't count.


Dumb people do comprise the military. The military preys on dumb people. Dumb people are easier to turn into killing machines.

Raspootin said...

Making a conscious choice to put ones self in a situation where you can get killed is rather dumb.

And I do think certain areas of the military are all about indoctrination that borders on brain washing in order to create "killing machines"

bwcubed said...

Woozie, send us a postcard when you move to Jamaica

bwcubed said...

pootin, my oldest son maid a "consciout choice" to join the military and serve his country, not try to get himself killed. The discipline and values it taught him made him into the succesfull man he is today. I don't regret endorsing his choice and I do not think he has any regrets either. And to scoorpio, after hearing your comments maybe you should just stick to fucking. That doesn't take to much brain power.

Raspootin said...


You make a good point and it was not my contention that anyone who joins the military is dumb -

I do not have any children, but it would worry me greatly if I did and they decided to enlist in the midst of a war.

However if my child had a strong belief in the cause they were serving I would never be anything but supportive of their decision.

I stick to my opinion that certain areas, not all, but certain areas of the military dabble in indoctrination bordering on brainwashing. I guess that this is potentially necessary when trying to form a tight team of soldiers who have to watch each others backs under very dangerous and very scary circumstances.