Friday, June 13, 2008

Dream Interpretation please?

I had a rather off putting dream last night. It kind of made me question what I would do in reality if this situation arose. Of course as it was a dream, well I doubt that reality will ever have anything to do with it.

I was in my friend Melissa’s playroom. Mind you Melissa was my childhood best friend and I have not been in her play room for over 25 years. Evidently she was supplying the venue as she never showed up in the dream. Sitting on her sofa is a person, who I’m not going to name as I don’t want to freak them out. So I shall just call “the person” “Max” as that can go for a man or a woman. The person is someone I know well.

So Max is sitting on the sofa and all of a sudden turns pale. I ask what is wrong and Max replies that Max does not feel well. Max of clutches his/her chest then dies.

Okay, I am once again sitting in the playroom, this time I am in there with Max and my friends Leah and Eric. The difference is that this time around it is the day before Max dies. Leah and Eric and I know that Max is going to die the next day, but we don’t want to tell Max.

When Max has a shortness of breath we all look at each other expectantly, knowingly and I ask Eric if I should give Max one of my clonazepam pills to calm Max down. Eric looks at me like duhhh Raspootin give Max a pill; ya know Max is going to die anyway.

So Max leaves the room and Leah says, we have to tell Max that Max is going to die. I’m like no way, if Max is going to die anyway we should just give Max the best last day of Max’s life. Eric interjects that perhaps Max has a second chance, and if we tell Max he/she is going to die that maybe Max could do something about it. We all looked at each other for a while and I said, but what if there is nothing that Max can do about dying? Instead of having the best last day ever, all Max will be doing is worrying about dying.

Max, Eric, Leah and I are then all on a merry go round. It is spinning and spinning really fast and we are all hysterically laughing.

Then I woke up.

I realize that this was just a dream, but what would you do if you knew that someone had only one day to live; or maybe not… my dream did not tell me what I would do. I don’t believe in predestination, but I do believe in free will, so would telling the person change the outcome, or just make their last day the worst in their life.


Woozie said...


The Rev said...

DB? I hope that isn't David Berkowitz you're talking about, because my guess would be that ol' Son of Sam would go BLAM BLAM with his .44 and say, "Well, they were going to die anyway!"


Raspootin: It depends on the person. If it's someone I love, I'd be torn between making sure they had the best day or trying to see if something may prevent it. Now, if it's some asshole that I'd be happy to see the world rid of, I'd make sure they knew in full detail, in the sadistic hope that they would spend that last day cowering.

I know that's a bit harsh, but if you know any "vampire/leech" type people, you'll understand.

Raspootin said...

I could never be a doctor as I can not imagine having to tell people they are dying on a daily basis.

I tend to not be confrontational so I probably would not tell the person and just hope that I was wrong.

What does WWDBD mean?

Woozie said...

When I typed it I had something kind of funny in mind but I have since forgotten what WWDBD means. Maybe I'll figure it out.