Wednesday, June 18, 2008

weird wednesday

Just seeing how many of my Republican friends I can offend today!


Woozie said...

Anything in particular spur this post?

Raspootin said...

Why now that you asked, yes.

I have had a sort of odd feeling. Sad, detached and empty.

I guess that it is nothing just a bird flying up from the skies.

Not that I do anything but wtfs (witness the fake shifty) anon, anon is not my style. Though sometimes given certain situations there must be a safety in numbers…

There is a large bug on my monitor right now and I am going to spare its life based on my odd feeling.

But more than that, because that crap reminded me of just how dumb and duplicitous the republicans are, and that I waste my time looking for nothing more and never understanding what their games were in the first place.

Beside that Woozie, I do really not like Jindal and hope that McCain Snap snap snaps him up.

I guess I’m feeling sort of sad about a lot of things, and the Republican Party is a good outlet to make me feel better in an odd sort of “had a feeling” way.

I just killed the bug – almost broke my monitor, but well there you go, I am not such a great LIBERAL, just a bug killer when it comes down to it.