Tuesday, June 17, 2008



I would like to know what The Army Corps of Engineers has been doing for the past 3 years?

Hello even before Katrina the corps was saying that the levees would hold in a Cat 3-4 storm. So where has the Federal money been spent?

I have to believe that the people who rebuilt their homes after flooding during Katrina felt that they were being assured that the levees would withstand at least a category 2 hurricane. If New Orleans floods again, you can kiss this city goodbye. Folks are not going to go through it twice. I feel like once again I have been lied to by the Federal Government (who is in charge of the Corps of Engineers), the Mayor and the State.


billy pilgrim said...

are the insurance companies still selling flood insurance to home owners?

Raspootin said...

No, only people with exisiting policies and it is very expensive. Im paying $1000.00/ year for just Flood, and I did not flood during Katrina.

Homeowner policies are not being written either. Unless you can talk your exsisting company into writing a policy on a New house, people are forced to go through Citizens which is a State Insurance run agency. It is much more expensive than lets say a State Farm or AllState.

leslie said...

I did not have a problem acquiring flood insurance thru State Farm, and I thought it was surprisingly reasonable at $348 a year.

Ditto hazard insurance on a very NOT new house (1895). I do have 4 other policies with them, but I still expected some resistance. They were all too happy to take my money.

The Citizens wind and hail policy? Outrageous.