Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Spanked: Hillary & Obama play nice!

Goodness, “goodness” sounds like something my grandmother would have said, but I really am astounded after hearing Hillary’s non- and Obama’s yea.

This is to say, Hillary did not give it up, but gave the best speech of her campaign.

This is to say Obama gave a great speech that did not doctorate as being the Democratic Nomination winner.

This is to say Obama is going to announce his win when he announces Ms. Clinton as his running mate.

I never imagined that this would happen. I never thought Hillary would be afforded the chance to address her constituents with such an amazing speech.

I think the Democratic Party has told them both: YOU will get along and you will run as the super ticket. “ or you will be spanked ya bad children: play nice”

Like I said, I am surprised. Perhaps, according to the people that I watched both speeches with, I am wrong.

I feel very confident that I am correct. I will be glad to have the Super Ticket to vote for.

And as my other thoughts about McCain go, if this Obama / Clinton ticket is introduced, McCain will give the nod to Bobby Jindal.

Hell what do I know: just stating an educated guess?


billy pilgrim said...

wake me when it's over so larry king can go back to larry birkhead and paris hilton.

Raspootin said...

BP: I wish I was LaKota as I could have a really great reply.

Umm Nicole Smith - na that does not work

Ummm Larry King - got it, VP to McCain - alrighty then, we have a RUSH going on...

OMG RUSH???? Yikes run for the hills if that is what these candiates are looking for to get a weeener then we might as well get out of dodge.

Lakota said...

i hate her.

ps - i like you being you and your replies are always great. silly wench.