Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here I go again

I know that most of the United States thinks that Katrina is like a dead horse that we all keep kicking. I am over Katrina, forgive, forget no, but move on yes.

However, when I see videos like this, the anger with FEMA and the Louisiana State Government all comes back.

WTF do bureaucrats all live in a bubble? Do they even bother checking out what a situation is before making stupid decisions? And, most importantly why were all these donated items sitting in a warehouse for 2-3 years after the event that they were specifically earmarked for.

I still, have yet to understand what happened to the Millions of dollars that people gave to help New Orleans and The Gulf Coast? Well, at least now I understand what happened to some of it.

I’ll just plug as an ending comment that Kathleen Blanco saw fit to give a $700 million contract ( road home money) to a VA based company to administer the Federal dollars that were suppose to go to homeowners that were under insured. I think the State got around $1.5 billion, I’m no super wiz, but even I can see that with 200,000 homes destroyed that the contract amount was going to leave a short fall for most folks.

I will stop, because I can go on and on and on at nausea on the miss- management subject.

Any way this is the CNN report that got me pissed off:

The second video is the one, that really upset me.



billy pilgrim said...

i don't think it takes a rocket scientist to conclude that fema needs to be blown up and start from scratch.

there are probably other levels of government that aren't as pure as the driven snow either.

Raspootin said...

No doubt about that BP, it is just very discouraging when it personally affects people in your community.

The Rev said...

Damn...that has to be discouraging to see that happening around you.

As far as FEMA goes, though, seeing them absorbed into Homeland Security really makes me grimace. Not to sound terribly paranoid here, but when the agency responsible for ensuring continuity of government in the wake of a massive attack/disaster merges with the Big Brother Seeing Eye, I really pucker.

'Course, that puckering may be unwarranted, since FEMA repeatedly shows that all they know how to do is fuck up repeatedly, so I doubt they could ensure much of anything would be preserved. Assclowns.