Friday, August 22, 2008

dumb is as dumb believes

I almost hate to post this. I also hate to admit that not only the person who sent me this believes it to be true, but people that I know quite well think it to be true.

The majority of my peer group is fairly intelligent so if some of them believe, what does that say about the general populous who still think the Russians are marching on Atlanta?

I am so embarrassed to be an American sometimes. We are regressing from a nation of people who strive to understand and be enlightened to a nation of fricking idiots.


Woozie said...

I love this "African-American Nigro Black" guy, he always makes me laugh. He's the same guy that said earlier Obama was a mack daddy pimping the American people. Lol'd everywhere.

billy pilgrim said...

i found this very educational.

goodbye cnn, hello bbc world news.

yellowdog granny said...

judas fucking priest..

Raspootin said...

wooz: I'm glad that you find him amusing, just wish that the white red neck that sent it to me found it amusing too. WTF's wrong with this country: Last election it was the bible belt deciding the election out come and this time its going to be the friggin white red necks???

BP BBC World news has always been my preferred choice - its shaken not stirred.

YDgrand: I could not have expressed my sentiment any clearer than you just did with your comment.

unokhan said...

see, that is why the ruskies are marching all shermanesque thru georgia -- they are gonna burn down the omni center and waterboard ted turner till he reveals the whereabouts of jane fonda.

Raspootin said...

Ah; thanks for explaining that so clearly uno. I knew there had to be a compelling reason for the attack!