Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A question of political correctness?

Is the photo offensive?

In of itself I personally do not find it offensive. Inappropriate perhaps given the photo was taken in Beijing at the insistence of the courier company sponsoring the Spanish basketball team.

I have sort of “slanty” eyes and remember when I was a kid having school mates ask me which one of my parents was Asian. I was actually quite complimented as I think Asian woman are very beautiful.

Now if all my school mates had mocked me by following me around and making “slanty” eyes as a way of excluding me, that would be offensive as the intent would be to offend.

I highly doubt that the courier company or the Spanish team meant to offend. I think the Ad was likely more of a confirmation for the courier company that YES here is the team and YES we sponsored them during the Beijing Olympics; see their “slanty eyes” … supposedly humorous as an intended reaction.

It would seem that along with eating McDonalds, there is nothing that one can do anymore without the media or the government or a special interest group getting all over us, condemning and never even questioning the source or intent.

“Politically correct” is, in my opinion, “Politically Incorrect” by definition.


Woozie said...

McDonald's is fucking gross and I will get all up in your shit for eating it.

Raspootin said...

Last time I got McDonalds I noticed that none of the food people were wearing hair nets or gloves. When I opened up the hamburger there was a huge big thumbprint going thru the bun to the burger.

It really turned me off - so I have not eaten there since.

I will get up all in my own shit if Ieat it!

yellowdog granny said...

i thought it was in bad taste but not racist..they are a bunch of kids..and any time you get more than 4-5 boys together they're iq's drop 20 points...and mcdonals may suck...but damn their french fries are good...not that i can eat them ..diabetic and all..