Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a wonderful world...we live in.

Poland and the US just signed an agreement on placing 10 interceptor missiles capable of destroying incoming long-range ballistic missiles in Poland. The official Washington line is that the missiles are being placed in Poland to: “protect the US and its allies from "rogue states" such as Iran.” Moscow, however, does not agree with the party line and says that:” the missile shield makes Russia a target of the United States.”

Russian General Anatoly Nogovitsyn said that any new US assets in Europe could come under Russian nuclear attack with his forces targeting "the allies of countries having nuclear weapons." By hosting the missiles, Poland was making itself a target. As quoted: “This is 100 per cent certain. It becomes a target for attack. Such targets are destroyed as a first priority."

Medvedev says that the missiles are going to be used as a deterrent against “rogue states” is just a “Fairy tale”. He feels that the: "The deployment of new missile defense facilities in Europe is aimed against the Russian Federation."

I cannot help but think that the Russian response is a direct result of Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Georgia where she reiterated GW’s demands that Russian forces leave at once.

The situation is becoming a very dangerous pissing match. We can be wary of Iran, but they do not have nuclear weapons. Russia on the other hand does and I have a sense that they will not think twice about using them. The cold war atmosphere is resurrecting. The Russians do not want to be told what to do, and the US is involving themselves in an area that is once again delicate and dictating policy. NATO, especially folks like Gordon Brown are keeping mum on the whole situation. Guess I can not blame GB after seeing what happened to Tony Blair when he got involved with GW. However the point is that we are sending in Rice and once again trying to police without the backup of our supposed allies. It is, not in the US’s best interest to start picking a potential war with The Russians. We already have enough going on in the debacle called post war Iraq.

Saakashvili added fuel to the fire when standing next to Miss Rice by stating: "We were screaming to the world that Russia was going to do this...We are looking evil directly in the eye - this evil is very dangerous not only for us but for everybody."

“Even as he was speaking a convoy of 17 Russian armored personnel carriers was spotted advancing along the main highway to within 34 miles of the Georgian capital Tbilisi, their deepest move yet inside the country. “

I have to add this as I never stated my opinion on the subject: placing missiles in Poland is crazy! The Polish nationals do not want them. And should anyone be confused by the Russian Stance: I give you three words to reflect on:

Cuban Missile Crisis

JFK took a dim light on it all in the 60's and I guess the Russians feel the same way.

Be informed; don’t bow your head to ignorance. We are living in a scary world.


yellowdog granny said...

ole george and his cronies will get us into a war, then he will declare martial law and he'll be president for life...we're fucked.

billy pilgrim said...

i like cuil.

bush and the boys should remember what happened to hitler when he went after mother russia while fighting a few other battles.

Raspootin said...

YD: My sister's son is 15 almost 16 & a poor student. I love him. He will be on the fore front of the McCain draft should we continue in this backwards motion with Russia. Yes I am going to learn me my gun and stock pile canned goods. This is not a Katrina; this is going to be Armageddon.

BP - cuil is "cool" and yes it boggles why we are taught and brain bashed by certian groups to remember history and what happened, but never seem to heed it as a warning or learning lesson.

Woozie said...

Hooray for draft ineligibility!

I don't know why the Russians have sand in their foreskin over the missiles in Poland, they're designed to shoot down other missiles not hit cities. Only people that should be upset are the Polish, sicne it does make them a target.

I don't think the Russians will ever use their nuclear weapons, the principles of MAD still apply considering we've got several thousand nukes tucked away somewhere, likely ready for deployment.

Raspootin said...

Yeah! and it can not hurt to stay in school for as long as you can.

I emailed you a video that better explains the Russian viewpoint on the missiles than I can.

I think it is basically a slap in their face; especially given the fagile situation in Georgia. Also lets face it why do the Americans want it right on the border of Russia ifthey are in fact really targeted Iran and North Korea.

This is just one more bungled attempt by the Bush Administration to try and antagonize.

Possibly the Russians will never shoot a missile at anyone nor deploy a nuclear weapon; I hope not. This is just not the time to start picking a fight. The Bush Admin. KNEW they were going to piss Russia off by signing the agreement with Poland.

I mean what the fuck else does GW want on his resume of shame before he gets out of office?

unokhan said...

actually, as you will recall, the russian missiles in cuba were a direct response to the american installation of missiles in Turkey

Raspootin said...

Yes I do recall that. So if the Russians decide to put the same defensive missiles in cuba that we are placing in Poland, directed towards us, not a "rogue nation" what do you think the american response would be??