Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paris takes McCain and Wins!

McCain’s campaign team came out with this Ad; basically saying Obama’s appeal to voters was only because we as voters are celebrity struck. As McCain’ people decided to use Paris Hilton and Britney Spears as their point of comparison “Celebrities” the ad was in my opinion not only insulting to Obama, but insulting to anyone, such as me, who plans to vote for Obama.

Mitt Romney and other Republicans said they thought the ad well done and humorous; they did not see the stupidity or the insult. I have always wondered if Republicans have a sense of humor and now that question is answered.

I have always wondered if Paris Hilton has a brain; and once again, question answered in her rebuttal ad to McCain:

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I am sure she did not write it, but she “approves it” and that is enough for me to say “Good Job” Paris.


moooooog35 said...

Any time anyone utters the words, "Good Job, Paris," a baby seal dies.

It has to. It's the balance of nature.

I hope you're happy.

Raspootin said...
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Raspootin said...

Wow I surprise myself by saying "good job paris" - now I guess between you and I we are responsible for the deaths of 3 baby seals.

Hope "you're" happy now :(

yellowdog granny said...

and that wrinkled ole rasin said..'shows she's voting for me'...kill me now...
thought her ad was funny and smart..know she didn't have anything to do with it, except see the chance to get her face on tv again..but still pretty damn funny..

billy pilgrim said...

when did paris hilton become a celebrity?

Woozie said...

It's so weird to hear anything intelligent come out of her mouth.

Raspootin said...

YDgranny: I thought it inspired by Hilton's "people" just wondering why Brit's didn't get on board.

BP - its all a figment of american imagination, therefore not real - she is just a man made idiot distraction typically, which is why one must make a mention now.

Woozie, glad to hear you agree - even staged in her other shows it sounds dumb, staged in this one I think: OMG can't say it or I'll be killing another of MOOOOG's baby seals.