Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ann's Guilty perverse pleasure

She’s BACK with another hate mongering book…”Guilty”. I say hate mongering as I really think Ann Coulter intends to offend with her writing and tone.

I am not a single parent, but on behalf of any single parent; especially single moms who Ann singles out, I am saying unequivocally she has stepped over the bounds of acceptability. She states in her new book: “If you are a victim of crime, thank a single mom” “Single mothers are victimizing children by raising them without Fathers”

What I would like to ask her, and am surprised that none of the interviewers to my knowledge has asked: What about the mother who was married and loses her husband through death? Is she polluting her child by not having a Father Figure in the Child’s life? The broadness of her assertion is crap. If she is going to say something she should just say, in a bigoted entailment racist way what she means:

Who Ann is really talking about but is not saying; are single women who have illegitimate children. I hate the word illegitimate as it implies that the child is less than a child of married parents. And I think Ms Coulter is embracing this point, making her a more Evil Cow than I previously thought.

Anyway Matt Lauer does a pretty good job fending off her foul smell in this interview :)


Woozie said...

While she has a good and often believed point that two parents raising a child are better than one, it's a wonder why she has to be such a staggering and difficult cunt about it.

Raspootin said...

well and why blame it ALL on the mother's?

Some guy fathered the children ???

- I don't think that the majority of women who are single parents really wanted to be a single parents, it typically is the fault of the Dad not wanting to be part of the child's life.

Guess Ann aint going to push abortions... that would be a good way to take care of all these evil single mothers...

yellowdog granny said...

Jesus may love her
but everyone else
thinks she's a cunt.

Raspootin said...

I want that tee shirt: My fav Sunday one is the jesus loves ya but every one else thinks your an asshole.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know the results of a study done on single parents who birth their children compared to single people who adopt. Causation is an incredibly difficult thing to determine, especially in human behavior. But I don't believe that Anne Coulter and crew even know what a control group is.

She is armed with the fact that 70% of inmates come from single parent homes. However her causal claim is not a fact. She's obviously tying that with being a True Christian. What she fails to take into consideration is the factors that contribute to single parenthood, often: low self esteem, poverty/education, victims of poor childhoods themselves, drugs/alcohol, rebellion and as raspootin mentioned, family trauma.

Anonymous said...

"trying to tie"

Raspootin said...

im not going to buy her book to see what her test group was comprised of, but I would bet that it was not a fair shake on demographic of poor middle class and wealthy single MOM families. She does not seem to give a crap about single DADs, she never mentions single parent families just the single MOM thing.

Next time I go over to Borders Im going to get a cup of special coffee and flip through her book; chapter 2 should not take that long to read.

I really don't want anyone to see me reading it... but I will sacrafice for the cause.

Anonymous said...

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