Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rat Ttrap: and you've been caught

There was a “lotta rotten” going on that night: when Boom Town Rats came out with this song.

There is a ton of Rat Trap going on now and it scares me. Bob Geldof is brilliant:

See what he did for all causes humane: and he put his career as a musician behind to pursue such lofty ideas as Live Aid and so very much more: No wonder he was the least likely to be a Knight, but now is. Bob Knight.

"France and Egypt announced an initiative to stop the fighting in Gaza late Tuesday, hours after Israeli mortar shells exploded near a U.N. school sheltering hundreds of people displaced by the onslaught on Hamas militants. At least 30 Palestinians died, staining streets with blood."

"They said they were awaiting a response from Israel. Israeli officials in Jerusalem declined immediate comment on the announcement, which came amid diplomatic efforts by the U.S. and other nations to resolve a conflict that has seen 600 people killed in 11 days."

"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice weclomed the initiative, but cautioned that no agreement would succeed unless it halted Hamas rocket attacks on Israel and arms smuggling into Gaza.

Earlier in the day, President-elect Barack Obama broke his silence on the crisis, saying that "the loss of civilian life in Gaza and in Israel is a source of deep concern for me." He declined to go further, reiterating his stance that the U.S. has only one president at a time

Only one at a time (presidents that is- unless you concider the trilagy of GW, Dick and Carl- I always thought threesomes were alway a problem with men...) Let us hope that our new President has the intelligence, the wisdom and the heart with a cetain amount of dipolmacy and integrity thrown in to end this; and end it now.


unokhan said...
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billy pilgrim said...

obama's really going out on a limb with that comment.

israel is acting like some obnoxious kid in the school yard who has a really tough big brother that looks after him.

Raspootin said...

bp I agree with you on both issues.

yellowdog granny said...

personaly I think someone should just bomb the entire area back into the stone ages..for all the religious history that is there..they have all desecrated it with their fighting ..so screw'em.. bomb em all

Raspootin said...

I think they will end up ending themselves...