Monday, January 26, 2009

I have bad luck; damn it!

I was reading a James Patterson book and one of the lines was “A bad wind this way blows”. The phrase reminds me of my Saturday Night.

All day Saturday it was like I was working myself into a state of complete mental retardation. I was moody; unfocused and generally just a misery to me and anyone that I came in contact with.

Nevertheless I felt the need to go meet friends for dinner. I left the gallery and I knew that I should go home first and drop off my work bag, containing all the postcards, labels and stamps that I had spent 5 hours on that afternoon compiling for my next opening. Also there was my “go to bag” were all my prescription drugs, a camera, ear rings, phone charger, makeup; you name it, is was in my “go to bag”; I even had a bottle of Crown for extreme situations stashed in there. Along with my “go to bag” I had a box of Birthday presents that my sister sent me; none of which had I even opened yet not my card or my presents.

So like the dumb dumb that I had worked myself up to during the day; I went to dinner and left all my stuff in the truck. After dinner we all went out for drinks and instead of dropping me off at my truck my friends dropped me at my house. I completely zoned that I had left everything in my truck until I woke up at 3:00 am. I woke with an abrupt start and just knew without a doubt that someone had broken into my car. I tried and tried to go back to sleep; as 3:00 am did not seem like a good time to walk 7 blocks by myself to go check on my car.

I eventually drifted into a fitful slumber and while there had the weirdest dream. I was in my bed and all around me things were moving by themselves. The drawers were opening and closing, a floor lamp (I don’t even have a floor lamp) was twisting and turning and all the while there was a low moaning sound. So in my dream I thought am I dreaming? This is kind of scary. I wished that someone else was there to verify that what I was seeing was real.

All of a sudden my co-worker showed up on the end of my bed. The humor in this is that my friend is a very petite beautiful woman who literally screams if a lizard, bug you name it crosses her path. I look at her in disappointment and say I must be dreaming because you can not be real. Surely “they” whoever they are would have sent someone other than you. She is just looking at me in disgust; so I reach out and touch her arm and she is solid.

Coworker: “Why did you conjure me? I told you that I did not want to see your Ghosts.”
Me: “Well I definitely did not ask for you to show up, but can you at least verify that you are seeing what I am seeing?”
Coworker “Make me go away now; I don’t want to be in your dream. Why didn’t you conjure up someone else?”
Me: “I don’t know, it wasn’t my choice”
Co Worker: “Make me go away now!!!”
Me: “NO now you’re here please don’t go away I don’t want to be left alone with it”
Co Worker: “I don’t care what you want. I am going to think of the ghost hunter woman and then I m going to leave you to your ghosts; I can’t believe you made me come here”

My co-worker is an impeccably dressed, intelligent woman; and the supercilious tone she used was the same one I have heard her use with her husband when she means: no negotiations I will have my way.

Me “Please don’t leave me”

Co worker” You even made scary sounds along with everything else, I am leaving now; I may never forgive you for this. Then as parting comment she said YOU HAVE a lava Lamp? Eweweee – ”

Then in a blink a woman who is dressed in a safari outfit with a large butterfly net shows up. She informs me that she will prove that the ghosts are all in my imagination; by addressing each piece of furniture individually that is moving. So she goes through my bedroom and backroom with a little posse of small creatures and touches everything with her butterfly net… I dunno what she found out as she never told me.

Then I woke up. Then I got dressed and hiked down to my Truck. Sure enough someone had completely broken out the window; and stole my presents and my “Go to Bag”. They must have used a dirty white hat to cover their hand as there was one sitting on my front seat. Next to the hat was guess what? My bottle of Crown Royal; evidently the burglar must have had a sense of humor; even though I am still having a hard time seeing it. “Guess this sucker’s going to need a stiff one after this”.

The police made me feel like it was all my fault for leaving stuff in my car. I guess it was my fault; but I did not see the point in them making me feel worse than I already do. Please keep your fingers crossed that it does not rain until Safelite Glass can fix my window; and I found out the hard way, almost, why you can not cover your broke out window with a garbage bag… it makes seeing the traffic to the right rather difficult. On the way to work I had to get out of the truck at an intersection and pull the plastic off so I could see; once again feeling like an idiot as the guy in the truck behind me leaned on his horn for 20 seconds. I was good and refrained from calling him a name. (s)

Lesson learned? When a wind is blowing bad, go home, lock the doors and order take out. My co worker inquired what I had to eat to make me dream the dream; so if you get food; make it bland/ I still am under the assumption that her assumption is that I take drugs before bed. Maybe the key is actually taking a lot of drugs before bed :)


unokhan said...

oh man, i'm sorry it happened. don't let it get you down.

the drama and the detail in the dreamscape are scary.

sometimes i theenk we need a mojo filter --whatever that is

Anonymous said...

Bummer. May a suggest this.

yellowdog granny said...

oh my!...sounds like one of my cough syrup sorry about all your stuff..that sucks.

Golden Beatle said...

Oh no! I'm so sad and sorry about that happening to you.

Your dream was a trip.

I love lava lamps.

I've never used my car horn.

I have yet to try Crown Royal.

I scream at lizards, but I'm neither petite nor beautiful.

The answer is blowin' in the wind. And the answer was take-out.

Raspootin said...

Uno: Well I guess it could have been worse and I could have had art in there too; course then no one have touched it.. I need a dream filter. Last night I had a detailed dream about dying in my bath tub when my small tv fell in. I woke up as I felt the electric currents go through me.

Ydgrand: I wish I could blame it on something I am eating or taking before going to bed. If it was Nytquil I would understand

LE: Yup bummer indeed - I now have to redo all the PC for your show..

Golden: I love lava lamps and my car horn :) one day someone is going to shoot me for using it and giving them the finger hehee maybe then I will learn...

billy pilgrim said...

maybe you should smoke something before you retire in the evening ;)

Raspootin said...

That is a very poigent comment bp; i think that would help on many levels.

Woozie said...

Somebody gave you some bad white wine, 'pootin.

Raspootin said...

ya think wooz?