Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I want to smoke a cig or "something" NOW

When the Beatles sort of, in a way, met Joe at Woodstock or something to that effect/ affected the lyrics of this song or pehaps the editors just have a good imagination or perhaps my Chantex is really starting to get to me ;)



unokhan said...

best t-shirt ever

Raspootin said...

I can make tee shirts like that. Darrin and I did not figure it until the 80's.

These are hand painted, but look better than lie die - tie die excuse: Tye Dye - so how would you phonetics it?

I’m actually set to make some, what size please? I will give to you and you sig other at the next opening or the next Molly's excursion.

yellowdog granny said...

I used to make tie/dye shirts for the kids all the time..
i love joe cocker..but never could understand a word he sang..remmber john belushie on snl doing his ipression of joe ?...oh lordy is was so good.

Woozie said...

I wondered if the real Joe Cocker was as, um, animated, as the people he played in Across The Universe. ATU Cocker was understandable at least :P

Raspootin said...

Ydgrand: Yes I do remember, John Belushie was brilliant

Woozie: Never saw Across the Universe and I think you should have titled your "hopeless" post:
"Sleepless in Athens"
Nothing wrong with being a Romantic even a hopeless one at that :)

Golden Beatle said...

Haha. I totally have this video as one of my favorites on YouTube. It cracks me up every time.

Loved his part in Across the Universe. I know Woozie hated it (awww), but I thought it was entertaining for the most part.