Friday, January 02, 2009

New Years Eve & Birthday

Appetizers made by yours truely humus with feta, olives with basil and red bell pepper; quite festive all wrapped in phylo dough/

Wait let me take off my glasses; I look better with my son & his g-friend that way

I don't do newyears hats

oops dont worry I have you both anchored; dont lean any futher though, the floor is dirty

didI say I was ready to have my picture taken?

Ok now I am ready

Famous Ms Gertie Owner of the establishment with Norman

Uriah and his very cute girl friend Amy, who has agreed to let me represent her work. I really do not try and pick my artists for their good looks...

Ms Gertie looking splendid; she is tiny so raspootin wisely stood behind her.

Liz and Thomas the newly weds.

My favorite birthday present: "Casa Raspootin" by Robert Sutton

my favorite b-day card the thing stickin out is GW' head so you can give it a thump as its attached to a spring

Fav b-day card

what was on the inside

doodles got the newyear spirit... not to say that her daddy looks a bit possessed of a spirit ???


Woozie said...

In a few instances you and Robert both look like you're gearin up for a rape roarin' good time. No that was not a typo.

unokhan said...
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unokhan said...
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yellowdog granny said...

great pictures..of everyone...
I have to admit..I've never had humus...

unokhan said...

happy post birthday and new years too (i was in a semi-coma when i first read your post). loox like a really good time in partyland -- cool how you got the clock n one of the shots --a point of reference.

gertie has a beaming beneficence.

and that's the cleanest stovetop ever.

Raspootin said...

woozie: Not sure I am following your comment?

Uno: they are both really white teethed and cute; really nice people too

It was my birthday

Ydgrand: There are a lot of things I have never had, hummus is pretty good if you like chick peas and an abundance of gas :)

Golden Beatle said...

Looks like a blast. And your appetizer looks great.

Raspootin said...

Thanks golden; the appetizer looked much better than it tasted. The evening was a mix of too much excess of food and alcohol; I think I went to bed too late as well.

Getting older does not mean one actually gets any wiser I guess.

unokhan said...

his captures of houses are shrewd, but there is no doubt rs should do the occasional self portrait

Raspootin said...

ask him to show his occasional SP- you will be amazed.

I tell him, I figure should he die that possesion is 10/10 out of the gallery; and I want them all until I can get $100K each. He never puts them on sale; so I would grab now if you are in the mood.

Hope BR is better than NO tonight - I had to wade into my house... bang bang of thunder all around.

unokhan said...
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billy pilgrim said...

doodles is beautiful, almost as beautiful as you.

the feta and humus are a close third.

Raspootin said...

bp: doodles is beautiful except when she gets excited shakes her head and inadvertently gets a long sticky doodle snot drool on you.

She seems to get excitable a lot around me so I have experienced the phenomen; kinda funny kinda gross but definately it interfers with the beauty thing she has going on :)