Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Friday

This is somewhat nostalgic. Friday night now typically mean just that; however I have noticed that if I am going to misbehave Friday night is when I will do it. Why Friday? I have to work on Saturdays… Saturday Knights would be much better days to let my hair down on :)

Here’s to your Friday Night / Saturday Morning.


yellowdog granny said...

i used to look forward to fridays at10 as the new tricks came on on more..another good one bites the i just nevada barr book...sigh*

Raspootin said...

Im reading James Patterson's The Women's Murder Club series; they used to have good shows on PBS and /or BBC America on Friday nights - butlike you said not so anymore. I usually read or watch a movie.

Golden Beatle said...

Rasp - do you ever read any of Wally Lamb's stuff? I think you might like it. Or maybe not. I thrive off of depressing books. If you do too, pick up She's Come Undone.

Or borrow Robert's Pillars of the Earth since he's never going to read the damn thing. :(

Raspootin said...

Golden: I will read just about anything; so I will pick up She's Come Undone and let ya know what I think.

Im currenly flying through James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series. If you like cop who dun its I recommend them highly as quick(very quick) entertaining reads.

yellowdog granny said...

i'm still trying to get everyone i know to read the name of the wind by patrick ruthfuss...killer book.