Saturday, July 22, 2006

Last night my friend Bella asked me to do her hair. Now let me be very clear: I am a CPA not a hair stylist. She has (had) long brown hair and wanted to go RED RED and about 6 inches shorter.

So we sat down at my kitchen table and looked at the box of dye and discussed the strategic plan for “Operation Transformation.” The first directive was a glass of wine. She thought I should wait and she should drink. I know that I would have wanted to drink if I was letting an accountant dye and cut my hair, but as the accountant dying thinking about everything that could go wrong I decided that a little sip would calm my nerves.

So after a glass of wine I went for it. I would like to share the results with you!

What you are looking at is the "Before" and the "anxious" moment before the color went on...


dangerblond said...

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Woozie said...

That's not an email. Liars.

Solomon said...

So when do we the final cut? I hope you loped off more than six inches because that bitches hair is nasty.

Raspootin said...

So what do you think solomon - should I give up my day job?