Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The rabbit slayer saga

I always would want to know what people were saying :

so it is all about you RS:

"What's the deal with that robert dude. His blog is weird. I still read it for some reason though"

"An irresistable magnetic pull. The inner workings of his mind are an enigma..."

and raspootin said:

I am giving you a Robert update,

I too was concerned about his posts and his metal stability today. I had 2 phone calls regarding his interaction with people in and around the gallery, about the NSA and thank you to whoever introduced the CIA into the mix.

Robert in my opinion is an idealist who really does want to save the world. As his creativity and intelligence is backed my – “Robert you might not just be hypo manic: But Bi Polar” I think that he understands that he sometimes can cross towards the edge.

I wish I still had the –“naivety” probably sounds rude, but meant as a compliment that I could change the world and make it a better place.

Robert is a really good person. Who I care about a lot!

back to me

I must say OMAR and WOOZIE, I am very amused by your sites!

OMAR, I have worked with a lot of guys out of the Shaw Group and find your insight interesting as a perspective on politics I never got from them

WOOZIE – thank you for always making me see the humor; I even looked at your computer thought process site: Think I can make EXCELL sound better for teacher!

see the links to these sites on my page: Tome of Communism and - sorry dont have omar's.


Woozie said...

When we learned Excel, it was boring. There's really no hope for it. Although our teacher did continuously poke fun at me and the whole communism thing (she had confsicated The Tome of Communism the book last year and actually added a page with the help of some other students) which provided some humor. I don't know if that helped.

Raspootin said...

Third times are alway the best...

Excel is my every day tool, but during sport season - my absolute savior.
I run” friendly" pools that are season long requiring a good amount of update formulas that run the gambit for about 5-10 sheets - good stuff Woozie! And it shows how Excel can not only be exciting - but very profitable as well.

When I was younger there was Lotus 123 - and I made the over night change which was a hard thing along with word perfect –

I am not saying anything about Gates this time as I have now had to try 3x’s to get this right and STILL have no idea how to delete the unfortunate ones -

Anonymous said...

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