Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dorothy and the wizards window

Subject: View from my window today

Raspootin said:

was it over land or water - pretty cool!

The Wizard said:

over water, but it still looked like it was coming for us

Wishin says:
where is that

Raspootin says:
looking out The Wizard’s window at work

Wishin says:
i would be under my desk

Raspooitn says:
me too

Wishin says:

Raspootin says:
but then I would want to take a
look, go up to the roof and hold a metal stick or something

wishin says:
dud, it says where it is center right there. yeah i can read

Raspootin says:

Thank god The wizard had something interesting happen today or we would still have to be lookin at the Slayer Saga


Raspootin said...

If I could just get The Wizard to comment - then all I would have to do is post the picture instead of cutting and pasting our IM's

Just a time saving thought...

Go look at Tome of Communism - there is a really funny post about the HEAD ON commercial.

Also look at the nature of how the comment flow,

Raspootin said...

"comments" "Nature of how the Comments flow" and I swear if someone does not tell me how to delete comments that make me feel like I have a third grade education - I am going to delete this site!

I know how to do that as I did it by accident a while ago.

Then I deleted my username and login/

I must say as this is a free site the tech people were really standup and nice - as you may note the site is still here and so am I.

Thanks blogspot techs- perhaps I should post what happened with that as an advertisment for you.

I want to know how to delete comments that I make on other people's sites too - I shall stay away until I get instructions.

Lord Omar said...

I pounced on you at the Tome not because I think you are unintelligent, but because I think you might actually be Robert Sutton masquerading and playing games.

Woozie said...

There should be a little trash can next to the timestamp on all the comments, click it, a little "are you sure?" screen comes up, and then it's deleted.

Raspootin said...

Thank you so much Woozie - I will feel much better about making comments from now on!

Raspootin said...


I guess I should "gasp" go back and see what you said.

I assure you, I am not Robert.

Though a profile actually is quite meaningless - maybe I will go fill mine out with a semblance of truth.

I am now going to delete all my comments that I could not figure out how to delete before...

Lord Omar said...

Why are you so concerned about deleting comments?

Raspootin said...

good question.

In case what I wrote makes absolutely no sense to me or it is poorly spelled or I simply change my mind about writing it in the first place.

Lord Omar said...

I see.

Raspootin said...

Yes I can see most definitely - that you do indeed see

May I ask after reading the 86 posts on woozie's site, what type of mental health position were you in?

I have a very good reason for asking. - which is another inquiry/conversation all together.

Woozie said...

Tired and/or drunk and/or bored?