Friday, July 21, 2006

Priorities Please

I wish that I could show you a picture of the ticket that my friend Michael just got. I would like to show it to you because it he had not shown it to me, I would have thought he was making the entire incident up. I asked him to scan it, but apparently he is as challenged with the office equipment as I am with attempting to manage this site. At least I can now delete my comments.

We live in post Katrina New Orleans. Pre Katrina New Orleans was not exactly the Utopia of cleanliness; however compared to New Orleans today we are talking Nirvana.

There is garbage everywhere. There are thousands of gutted homes with the contents sitting in the middle of the street. We have gangs of looters stealing from the homes that actually do have contents but no residents. We have a soaring crime rate. We have the National Guard because the Police are simply too swamped to handle the felony crimes.

Yet, it is very interesting to me that when the National Guard came in, the police did have the time to then start their revenue generation for the city by setting up DUI blocks, lingering behind stop signs to see if you make a full stop, slinking around the French Quarter to apprehend the unfortunate person who could not “hold it” and took a fresh air leak, enforcement of J- walking, tickets for every petty shit thing a person can do.

So, now I have digressed from my original thought I will get back to the point. New Orleans is filthy. Ah yes and my friend Michael just got a ticket. He received a $100.00 ticket for dropping 1 cigarette butt on the ground. Not dumping the entire contents of an ash tray, not for dumping the entire rotting contents of a refrigerator but for one butt.

I would like to think our police force has better issues to occupy them. I am sure that they are encouraged to meet certain quotas each month, but in our current situation I would like those quotas restricted to the apprehension of the hardened criminal/ the people who murdering and looting not to those of us who drop a cigarette butt or have a call of nature.


Woozie said...

Did you know that the Flintstones did an ad for Winston cigarettes back in the day? I've got it up at the Tome if you're interested.

Raspootin said...

I saw that Woozie!

It is very interesting how times do change.

Now we can’t smoke to save our life (oxymoron) not a considered recommendation.

I am trying to get as many people as I can over to "The Tome" - as you are a really talented writer!

Guys - go to the right hand side of the screen and click on Tome of Communism - best site out there.

We are all feeling sad and a bit apprehensive as the Katrina anniversay approaches -

I never did laugh as much not nearly as much for months until I read Woozie's post on Head on - the title of the post is:

MyFoot - Apply Directly to the Colon!

My friends are all readers, not comment inclined. I hope they go to your site and see that the commenting aspect of this does not have to be intimidating.

Lord Omar said...

Guys - go to the right hand side of the screen and click on Tome of Communism - best site out there.

Making sure you have a good supply of hot black coffee to facilitate in keeping you awake while you are there!

Thomas Jefferson said...


WHAT? Who...z z z, huh, z z z z -- Tome, mumble-mumble, z z z -- cOMmuNisM, Z Z Z , v-e-r-y tiRed -- Z z Z zzz


Solomon said...

That nigga might just as well call his little motherfucking plan, "Operation Black Kneel". Damn, all the motherfucking ground work we laid. For what? Shit.

Woozie said...

Negro, you the violent motherfucker. You looking for that peaceful dead nigga, MLK.

Solomon said...

Yeah, you be looking straight motherfucking deadly in that photo, pops. I outta swat them dentures right out that hole in the middle of your head.

Woozie said...

Negro, these dentures was made from a couple klansmen I killed wif my bare fuckin hands, feel me? A watermelon lovin nigga such as myself has gots to keep it real. What was you doin Huey? Oh yeah, keepin it DEAD SON!


Solomon said...





Woozie said...

Because you got a thing for havin' male genitalia in your face, right?


Raspootin said...

My my what a charming conversation.

I feel honored that you chose to have it on Saturday Knights!