Thursday, July 13, 2006

Where was the vacation??

I went on vacation and needless to say it was in no way a vacation. Now lets just say that it was a bunch of people who went and someone we'll call "Jane" also went. Jane was a pain in my ass. Jane is a grown adult and needed a lot of attention and instruction. Jane drove me insane! Jane drove someone else who was with me nuts and she has a lot of patience. Jane would describe in detail what her morning routine was every morning. I think that telling us one time was enough but every morning for a week straight I and everyone else with us had to hear the disgusting details of this routine. Now for the routine.. If you know your thing takes you 1 hour and I say we're leaving at 7am, wouldn't you get up at 6am to ensure your routine is done and you're ready to head out the door??? Well Jane did not. Jane waited til the last minute to get ready and then complained that she did not have enough time for her ritual. Then Jane would ask every morning what to wear and when should she put it on or should she change or what shoes to wear. Jane even forgot that she brought a whole hanging bag of clothes that I had to make sure fit in the car b/c she needed everything in it. Yes, she stuck it in the hotel closet and it was never seen again until we got home and unloaded the car. Can you tell I have issues with "Jane". Don't get me wrong she is a nice person but dingy beyond ditzy. Another example, when we stopped at the gas station and everyone got out she waited until everyone was back in the cars to decide she wanted to go in the store. Yes, waited til the last minute. Towards the end of the trip I began to tune out every word she said. I could hear talking but it sounded like the teacher on Charlie Brown. You know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I'm back home and getting back to normal. Overall my vacation was nice and I learned patience is a virtue and that I need to sit back and relax more or I need to vacation alone. Must I mention that I really didn't invite her to begin with. So when's my next trip???


Raspootin said...

definately time for an adult only trip - Well an adult only trip that does not include Jane!

patience is not a virtue that I could have practiced if I had to listen daily about the daily of bowl movements GROSSSSSS!

dlkjdfsa said...

I know you are watching me now. It's just too obvious. Email blocking bitch! Interesting that you let the ones through that make me look like a paranoid freak. Everyone, If I disappear in the next few days. It was the government that did it. Assholes.

Raspootin said...

Southside - it is time to call the men in the white coats.


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