Thursday, April 05, 2007

ann coulter and cats?

I am going to try and take a note from some other writers that I guess would define themselves as such and me as not because I like a little picture in all my posts.

I was just thinking this evening as I have a loud mental conversation with myself in the shower that something must change.

I am very happy in most regards of my life, but I think there might be a missing link.

Okay for the first time ever I might say as not alone as I feel and as happy as I am to come home on my own, I think a cat and his/her friend might be a good nuisance announcing maturity in a comitted relationship for me? Changing the litter box and where to put it are high on the anxiety list so - it might not happen EVER -

I have to find a picture or it would be like doing this post undressed – even better a youtube thought… I know just the one that makes me laugh!

Maybe I should think about why I find this funny before I adopt cats - I remember the last cat I had we thought it was quite fun to put tape on his foot and let him run around and try to shake it off...

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wishin said...

huh??? i'm lost