Wednesday, April 18, 2007

BA vs BS Degrees

Harvard graduation class 2006

They graduate in black and flock into their privileged world with no more care than the rare highland sheep = "BAA BAA"?

A friend of mine and I were driving to work this morning and he was asking about college degrees. I said that typically for undergraduate there was a BA or a BS. He then asked how a person with such a degree should be addressed. My thought was immediately this:

Not unlike what you get in the competitive market when you graduate with a "BAA" in some Liberal Arts program. Of course should you be wealthy, healthy and happy enough to graduate Harvard, your "BAA" will let you roam where ever you please with the other sheep.

I got a BSM in Accounting which sounds like some sort of bowel movement abbreviation so I try to let it just pass...and move on from the abreviation that means nothing unless you choose to act upon it.(Like the toilet adage of get off the pot or...)

I bet you that these guys graduated Harvard...

Next post is about PhD’s that call themselves doctors - just because it took them 100 years to admit they are hiding behind academia and could not cut the muster for medical school.


Hepkey said...

I want a PH.D. in B.S.

Anonymous said...

Poor taste you stupid bitch.

Raspootin said...

excuse me?

Please ID before calling names...

the rube said...

like dylan said:

twenty years of schoolin and they put you on the dayshift