Monday, April 09, 2007

would it be good? wishing to be there?

I have never actually heard a song that more expresses certain fluctuations in my psychic. This song embodies all that means the embodiment of escaping even for just one day to be a different person: emancipation from that from which you are daily judged for.

The claim, validity or truism of fame or popularity is it > than the psychological if you are not there yet? It is the altering life decision: whether you like your life at all; or would the grass still be greener on the other side?

This, want for more: greener on the other side of the fence; I think is the life decision that tends to screw us all up; which is why I do like this song so much. It caught my attention 20 years ago and I wish I would have taken it to heart then - instead of just singing along.

Even if you did change it, even for just one day - would you want to take a chance and walk in my shoes? How about if they do not fit?

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