Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bored with me

I am rather bored with Saturday Knights whether that be knight or day. I work and then I go to the pub then I come home and frankly it’s with no meaning.

I have met a ton of “family people” whose lives are rather boring too.

To be honest if you are married with children it is less boring if ya have the hankering to go out because then you would have to lie. If your partner wanted you to stay at home.

Lying is wrong, but at least makes something that is routinely boring to us who can do what we want, as there is no one that particularly cares what we do, more exciting. There is no doubt a certain amount of manipulating the other persons psyche to get what you want. I do not approve of this approach to excitement; I am merely mentioning it as a plausible thing.

Most people I know in relationships prefer to hang at home with their kids and or significant other. I guess I can understand that- especially if this is your choice not an obligation.

I am feeling a bit jealous –on this particular Saturday knight of the folks who are watching the movie and eating – something yummy- then having hot sex. Of course, many of my relationship friends while holding the higher status of being pair as compared to single say that the sex is not as hot after a couple of months... I guess boring sex is better than none at all? I have to think about that statement...

Hope your Saturday Knight was less disappointing than mine. I understand that life is what we make it, and perhaps I should strive to make my life better. Of course "better" is a relative term when I am really not sure what I want.


the rube said...

i think john couger did a song about saturday. "its just another day"

now wednesday, that's another story.
hump day calls for a celebration.

wishin said...

The grass always seems greener on the other side. Sometimes staying home is not always a great thing; and who around here is having hot sex???