Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cop Out

I am working on finishing my Katrina Story, but seem to be lacking in the writing skills area today.


The following link is a very sentimental and appropriate to "The Day After"

This link is to a very interesting site that is basically saying that the Levees would have broken even without Katrina. In fact, if you want to analyze it the writer is saying that Katrina was a blessing in disguise. The levees were so poorly maintained and constructed that they were on the verge of breaking at any given time. At least when they broke, the majority of people had evacuated.

And this is a really cool interactive MAP that documents exactly how the Levees breached – just in case you believe they were bombed…


Anonymous said...

I see your comments have reached an all-time high.

Raspootin said...

Thanks - I will try to do better.

Raspootin said...

With my posts that is.

None of my peer group seems to have "time".

So as I only post as
Raspootin - I am not in control of the comments and have no desire to talk to myself which is what I am evidently doing, um now

Anonymous said...

i don't think it's a lack of time that keeps people from commenting.
i'm just saying...

wishin said...

well i took this post as a cop out, just like you said. I'll try this weekend to post something. Can't promise it will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Raspootin...excellent comment over at Butchieboy's....comedy goes right over your head doesn't it?? The whole redneck thing is a joke.

Anyway, just wondering why you think only people who live in New Orleans are entitled to an opinion on Nagin and/or Katrina. Butchie's absolutely correct. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean he can't have an opinion.

Butchieboy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Butchieboy said...

revised comment-

You are an ignorant ass. Please educate before you state you’re considered opinions. You do not live in New Orleans, you do not know Mayor Nagin in fact from what I can tell from you site; you are a red neck.

Which then would make you much more detestable than Mayor Nagin?

Sorry; pot calling kettle black – but there you go black kettle.

Hey, I have a question. Don't you think it would be easier, safer and cheaper to evacuate a city prior to a hurricane destroying it? Der. Also, before you call someone an ignorant ass, learn proper grammar and how to punctuate. You, at best, have the writing skills of an eigth grade public school student.

Raspootin said...

Thank you for coming to my site "butchie".

Of course you can have your opinions. My real intent for leaving the rude comment on your site was to get you over here so that you might actually take the time to learn more about the issues in New Orleans. I highly recommend that you take the time to watch When the Levees Broke. I think that it will give you a new perspective on Ray Nagin, the dynamic of the city and what happened here.

Many, many of my friends and acquaintances feel exactly the same way about Nagin as you do.

I was out of line on your site, but like I said At least I got your attention.

Raspootin said...

Oh and Anonymous,

Not much goes over my head.

Some things are simply what they are.

I find very little humor or intellect on Butcher’s Site. Like you said, we can all have an opinion and agree to disagree.

Senor Cheeseburger said...

Nagin is a complete fucking idiot. He dropped the ball in a very VERY big way and is in large part responsible for a lot of death in his city. The bigger idiots are his "Choclate" constituency that re-elected this dope for no other reason than he is "Chocolate."

P.S. Why is New Orleans taking 500X longer to rebuild than any other city equally as ravaged by Katrina? Is it lack of leadership at the state and local level? Are they having troublefinding all the police that ran away? Seriously, it seems like New Orleans hasn't done very much at all whereas a lot of other cities are pretty much getting back to normal, NO is still a shit-hole... or more of a shit-holethan it was before the storm I mean...

Anonymous said...

Nagin is a total loser. I'm with Butchie and Cheeseburger. I watched the Spike Lee thought Nagin came out looking good in that? You're dumber than I thought.

Anonymous said...

I think just about everything goes over your head.

Anonymous said...

This is funny:

"My real intent for leaving the rude comment on your site was to get you over here so that you might actually take the time to learn more about the issues in New Orleans."

How is that likely to happen by visiting this blog??!! Because you recommend and HBO documentary?? Because you post a picture of a damaged home?

You cannot be for real.

Butchie's Number 1 Fan said...

You should give butchie a link. His artwork is better than yours.

Raspootin said...

Actually, if you cared you would look at my previous posts.

I regret leaving the comment on Buttcheez's site.

To answer cheezburger:

The clean up effort is slow.

There are many levels of bureaucracy involved in the rebuilding effort. Nagin is one level of this bureaucracy. The most incisive determining level is The Federal Government, followed by The State Government (Kathleen Blanco) and the Insurance Companies.

Nagin comes in pretty close to the bottom in terms of levels.

Nagin has said things under pressure that have embarrassed New Orleans and more than not himself.

I kind of know how he feels...

Anonymous said...

and that's what we call "backsliding".

Raspootin said...


I started something that I do not feel like finishing :(

However, tomorrow is another day :)

Thanks for all the input. It will help me to organize my thoughts better for future comments/posts!

Anonymous said...

and that's what we call "reverse psychology".

Raspootin said...


Butchieboy said...

LOL! LOL! LOL! OMG! OMG! LOL! You called me Buttcheez! HAHAHAHA! LOL! LOL! LOL! That is hilarious. That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. What are you, twelve?

My blog is for entertainment. If you don't like it, or are too simple to understand why midgets are funny, don't look at it, or have someone explain it to you. If you don't want to get flamed, don't resort to jackassery and foolishness, such as name calling, just to get a little attention. You may as well have called me a big stupid doo-doo head.

Well, your blog worked like a charm! My insomnia is cured. Goodnight.

Anonymous said...

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