Monday, August 14, 2006

Walk Back the Cat

Short and sweet

Is defeat

Nothing to say


I will find the time

To rhyme

Na –

I was listening to WWL this evening. Garland was interviewing author Pamela Ewen. She had just come out with a book titled “Walk Back the Cat”.

The premise of the interview was: What makes us choose good over evil? Why are some people willing to lay down their lives to save others in critical moments? Let’s examine the heroic side of human nature.

She said during the interview that the one absolute truth that can be agreed on by everyone: religious – atheistic: is the “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” “Treat your neighbor as you would be treated. She said the only people that fail to follow this adage are terrorists who are Nihilists and follow the philosophy of Nietzsche.

A Nihilist – forgive me if I have this wrong, believes in nothing as in nil? She said that Nihilists believe in destruction the reconstruction. This was not my understanding; which is why I am bringing the subject up for comments.

I thought Ms Ewen made an odd comparison odd, as certainly suicide terrorists/ terrorists in general must have a belief in a purpose, even it we can not understand that purpose, that still does not eradicate that there is innately a purpose behind their actions.

Here is an excerpt from her book “Walk Back The Cat” – It kind of reminds me of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night Time”, by Mark Hadden. Hadden’s book won a lot of prestigious rewards for children’s literature. I read the book and found it very adult.

Anyway the above comparison is only based on the following – I have not read the book.

Okay I can not be bothered to type the excerpt out as there is a copyright block on it on – but here is the link:

Walk Back the Cat by Pamela Binnings Ewen

No doubt the link will not work as I still can not figure out hyperlinks -


Raspootin said...

I can't help feeling proud that my link worked!


Woozie said...

Speaking of Adult Children's Books and misunderstandings, last year in my English class we had to do some project, and one of the options was to write a short story. My teacher told us about a really good children's book one of her students had written about the Holocaust, and I laughed so hard about that because I thought that the Holocaust is a horrible story to tell children, but the class stared at me like I had a Hitler mustache, even after I explained myself. Apparently I'm the only one that thinks that little children should stay innocent and carefree.

Anonymous said...

are you all in a cult?

Raspootin said...

I agree Woozie,

There is only a brief portion of our lives that contains innocence.

I don't have children, but if I did I would try to keep the idealism there as long as possible.

Life is not that bad - it can be, but why tell a 5 year old?

Why not let them believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy? I did for probably longer than I should have, but think I turned out okay.

Your teacher and classmates failed to understand as they were not thinking in perspective. Your reaction was much the same as mine when I find something so unconceivable that it makes me uncomfortable.

Laughter is never wrong, even when it is misunderstood. I would prefer to laugh than cry 10 out of 10.

Take it back I like crying to Hallmark commercials.

Raspootin said...

No cult.

It's all about Voodoo.

Ouch! Something just pricked my anonymous doll.

Don't worry; I don't have your hair, yet...

wishin said...

I agree. I try to keep mine as innocent and carefree as can be. Why ruin their childhood? They will grow up fast enough. Let them enjoy all the fun stuff now while they can.

Anonymous said...

hysterical shit. it's nice you "both" wake up so early.

Anonymous said...

oh I see. if you take away Woozie and random Anonymous comments, all that's left is Raspootin. Hence the need for Wishin.

Maybe you should just try to be more interesting and informative, or at the very least entertaining. Then maybe someone would read your blog and leave pithy little comments.

Anonymous said...

wow look. 2 Anonymous comments minutes apart. I hope you don't think that's me. I'm just a friend of Raspootin's. I swear.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WOW. It happened again!

wishin said...

I'm sorry, who is the loser here? We are not the ones leaving anonymous comments and acting like it's not us. We get up early b/c apparently unlike you we WORK for a living and are productive citizens in the community. You on the other hand must be one of those who thinks the world owes them something.

Anonymous said...

if you're so productive and hardworking why do you stare at this idiotic blog all day just hoping someone will comment and give your life meaning?

i'm rich. so fuck off.

Anonymous said...

it's also amusing that you don't block anonymous users.

attention whore.

wishin said...

Sure you are.. in your dreams maybe. I have a break and I like to unwind. Again, I do not have to explain myself to an irrelevant meaningless "troll" on this blog. Here's an idea. If you are so much better then the rest of us, start your own blog to let the world know how great you are. Otherwise, get off of this one unless you have something intelligent to say.

Anonymous said...

it's so funny that raspootin and wishin keep commenting one after another. who do you think you're fooling ?????????????? how sad your life is.

Anonymous said...

hey don't get pissy just because i called you on your shit. blogging is for losers. having mulitple identites with which to comment on one's own blog is...uh...

Raspootin said...

Anonymous Users

sounds like a fraudian slip.

I don't have a clue how to block you.

attention whore

I am glad that you know yourself so well!

Anonymous said...

"i know you are but what am i?"

you argue like pee wee herman.
i'm bored now.

Raspootin said...



and you are ummm normal?

finshed with my lunch no more time for this now- feel free to blah blah blog away!

Walter J. said...

Hello. I have browsed your gallery website and noticed that after the sculptor's name you have written "bi". Do you find that revealing this individual's sexual preference sells more art? Is you clientele mainly subversive? Thank you. Unfortunately I did not find anything I wish to buy, but I will check back from time to time.

Southside Rabbislayer said...

what's with the big duck on the cover? i keep turning the page but it jumps over the bridge and sticks its tongue out at me. damn you mommy! i hate you jesus!

Raspootin said...

Walter J

Thanks for pointing that out to me.

I just recently learned how to use front page and do my own website.

BI is definitely not any sexual association with Mr. Derr, Simply an omission of "O" for bio

But once again I can not thank you enough for pointing the oblivious sorry, obvious to me.

Raspootin said...

Southside Rabbislayer said...

What now I have a Rabbi slayer commenting? Would that make you a bad speller or horror; anti-Semitic?

I think you guys can do better than this surely; and surely; you can do better than someone who has no idea how to even block you?


kollidjstudnt said...

Ok, Anonymous idiot, I've heard enough of your shit. Sit your ass down and shut your mouth. Since they are obviously one and the same for you, it shouldn't be too hard to do.
You claim this blog is unimaginative and boring. So why do YOU read it and post comments with such regularity? You accuse the other writers on this site of being attention whores, yet YOU are the one who always has to have the final say with your ridiculous comments. Why? Didn't your mommy hug you enough as a child? Who's the real attention whore here? Who's the loser? Grow up, dumbass.
(My apologies to the other anonymous commenter--perhaps you should consider changing your name.)

Anonymous said...


haha. you just created that name today. now you have three. wishin, raspootin, and this one. how's that any different than posting anonymously? stupid bitch.

kollidjstudnt said...

Different name, different person. So what's your name? Or are you as unimaginative and boring as you claim this site to be, and you can't come up with one?

Anonymous said...

everytime you respond you make it even more clear that you are all of those people. someone just commenting here for the first time would probably not respond in defense of this stupid blog. you are so incredibly dense.

Raspootin said...

incredibly dense.

Three of us are 40 and wishin is 28, not dense, not at all.

Keep it coming we are all laughing! What great sport.

We are the Hunters - and you my "friend" are the hunted.

Thank you for giving me credit for dexteity in Pseudonyms…

Je suis Raspootin.


Bon Chance!

kollidjstudnt said...

Anonymous, why are you so convinced that we are all the same person? Is 1 as high as you can count? Or is it really painful to exercise your brain? Don't go assuming what other people would probably do--thinking is obviously not your strong suit.

Anonymous said...

i'm convinced you're all the same person because
1) you're all defending yourselves to some anonymous dickhead that most people would ignore
2) you all construct your sentences exactly the same way (poorly)
3) you all have the same lame ass comebacks and overuse the same words, like "brains" and "get your facts straight"
4) oh, and you're all always idle enough at work to respond immediately to comments

Anonymous said...

or maybe i'm on the inside, just like "When a Stranger Calls".