Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Night Out II

A pictorial view of the festivity last night; I am sure that you are all terribly interested. At least you know that I do not have an overly active imagination and was telling the truth. That would be the view from my entry way of the port o let – and my neighbor’s house with the DJ. My house is to the left.

I would probably not even bother with this post if something that really pisses me off had not happened later on that evening.

I mentioned that we are “politely” asked to remove our cars from the street. I did as instructed and parked less than half a block away. I am not saying that I am the completely innocent party in what happened, but please tell me if the following would not piss you off too.

About 9:30 things were still not winding down – the nuns were having a blast. So I decided to leave my car where it was parked. I took my shower, sleeping pill and went to bed. Mind you, I was up until 11:00 before I took the sleeping pill.

At around 11:15 my neighbor Brian wakes me up ( I was dozing) by screaming at me off of his balcony which is way too close to my bedroom window that I have to get up and move my car or they are going to tow it.

I jump out of bed – as much as a jump a person who has taken a sleeping pill can jump, get dressed and go the 50ft down the street to see what’s up. Inadvertently I must have partially blocked the driveway of a “neighbor”. Not only is the “neighbor” out by my car, but his wife her father and 2 police cars. Not to mention the “nosey neighbors” peeking out of their windows. I was pissed off to an extent just because that’s how I always feel when I first wake up. I was ready to say sorry and move the car. I could not help but mutter “great fucking neighborly thing calling the Police on night out against crime” Well the guy whose driveway I was partially blocking took exception to my comment.

“Fucking Drunk” “YOU FUCKING” (top of a voice scream) Bitch!

Well that did not sit well with me at all I was starting to develop a slight attitude. However as the policemen were looking me and technically I was in the wrong I decided to keep my mouth shut.

He then goes:”YOU FUCKING LEFT YOUR CAR WIDE THE FUCK OPEN” So I look in the car and see that the door is unlocked. Not exactly wide open just unlocked. Whatever so I left it unlocked? He said:” we went through your car to find out who it belonged to.” I noticed that everything had been pulled out of the glove compartment and obviously they had decided to sit in the driver’s seat as it was pulled way back.

The cop is rolling her eyes like OMG please get over your self. So I asked the guy well if you rummaged through my car why couldn’t you simply walk 50 yards down the street and let me know that I made a mistake. My insurance car is in the ash tray. It has my address on it. – They did not have to throw all my stuff over the seats. He responds: “getting my fucking ass out of bed is not his job.”

Well to conclude the story, I moved the car; the cop gave me a $75 ticket and in the morning I noticed that in the back seat there was dirty plastic plates that the ass neighbor threw there to show his disapproval of me blocking his driveway.

I know that I made a mistake, but I think the guy overreacted. I will continue to hold a grudge until the day I die. I really would like to get back at him. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Woozie said...

Toss a brick through that damn window of his. And If he calls the police...fuck tha po-lice. Don't fight them though, just don't worry about it.

Raspootin said...

I know not to worry (but I do)

- I was just really embarrassed more than anything.

But I just got new info that makes me feel much better about it all.

Still embarrassed but not worried now!

Bricks? Perhaps?

Na I think I am going to do the voodoo candles!

wishin said...

hehe... funny :)