Thursday, August 24, 2006


I did see it! Now we have something to be compulsive obsessive about. As If I need anything more than painting my gallery to be compulsive obsessive about.

The project looks like it's going to be an even longer process than I first anticipated. Thought for the day, when an interior designer tells you to paint your walls black, tell him to fuck off.

Do you know how much kills it takes to cover a black wall?

Trust me you do not want to know. The experience has been so bad that I did not even take a picture for Saturday Knights.

There are no computer models for US strike probabilities out yet, but you can trust that I will post them as soon as they are available


Woozie said...

How about it just comes through Florida across the peninsula, briefly back into the gulf, and then up again through the panhandle across GA, Tenessee, SC and all of that gradually getting weaker and weaker until it finds its way up here in the form of 3 days worth of rain?

Raspootin said...

Hope that is how it happens!

I am so consumed about painting my gallery that I will have to pay attention.

I was involved with the same situation last year when Katrina hit.

Strange how history repeats it’s self.

Same time last year I was doing the same thing. Painting the gallery: This time I will leave with Bella. WE painted and Painted then looked at the radar.

Not this time. I hope I have learned, but if not, there will be great pictures!

Lost effort last year on the painting front, maybe I should ask the city council to fund my projects in the future so as not to bring on bad paint/ hurricane luck?

wishin said...

You better leave this time and not be stubborn. I'll drive you out of the city if you need me to.

Anonymous said...

you should have that robert sutton guy paint the gallery. he might be better with just one colour.

Raspootin said...


I might take you up on that - thanks!

Raspootin said...

If Robert Sutton was here I would definitely ask for his help. Not only is he a talented artist, but he is a good wall painter too.

I hate doing the frickin painting. My "helper" got sick and had to go home. So I can now say that I did the whole thing myself.

So if it looks like crap in here I only have myself to blame. It’s hard blaming the painter for getting sick... not that the thought did not cross my mind.

Anonymous said...

well there's nothing better than a gallery with crappy-painted walls.

Raspootin said...

Fuck you.

That is all I can say after 12 hrs of Painting. Not to mention the 10 hours today with 20 more on the horizon. It is a lot of work I wish I had a rich daddy or mom to pay for me. I know about doing for myself and that will never be CRAPPY

Did I just paint Robert’s bedroom, damn straight, I can not wait for him to come home.

I have 24 more hours and thanks for making a comment that determines me even more to make this gallery great...

HighRoad said...

You are vulgar. I would never purchase artwork at your gallery.

Anonymous said...

"Robert's bedroom?" Didn't you hear about what happened the last time someone took him in???

Raspootin said...
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Raspootin said...
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